This is Not the Life I Ordered

There are two ways of meeting dificulties: you alter the difficulties or you alter yourself meeting them. – Phyllis Bottome, English writer

“This is Not the Life I Ordered”, is a wonderful book that began with four friends getting together for “kitchen table coaching sessions” to share the struggles that they were faced with on a daily basis. These women have been true “Heroes in Heels” to each other and other women as they helped one another nagivate through all the issues and challenges they each faced (which include one of them being shot and left for dead on a tarmac in South American, and two that lived through the death of their spouses). You will enjoy wonderful stories, quotes, wisdom, and practical advice.

These four ordinary women have faced extraordinary life challenges with grace and love. Because of their connection, love, and understanding – they helped one another thrive, rather than simply survive. I think as women, each of us has been at a place in our lives where we thought to ourselves, “THIS IS NOT THE LIFE I ORDERED!”

This book truly does give you what it promises: “50 Ways to keep your head above water when life keeps dragging you down.” What a great book to share with all the women in your life!

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