Change your story, change your life!

We all have a story… our repeated account of what went wrong in our life, who hurt us, or why we can’t achieve our dreams. What’s important to realize, and to fully understand, is that when we get caught up in our story, we give up the power to create the lives we truly want and deserve to have.  Our story is just that… a story that we keep telling ourselves over and over of all the reasons why we can’t have something or become who we want to become. 

But here’s the bottom line…  Change your story, and you begin to change your life!  It all begins by telling a new story of your true desire, and then add to it all the wonderful details of the positive aspects that you can find that align with those desires, you will begin to feel not only better, but you will begin to feel your life improve. 

Just remember… The better my story gets, the better my life gets!

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