All Creation Is Energy

All of creation is energy. Everything in this universe is vibrating at different frequencies, and your reality is simply determined by which frequency you choose to dial into. We each have the opportunity to create our own reality- we can choose to focus on the “possible” or we can choose to focus on the “impossible”. Either way, we will experience what we put our focus on, or rather, what frequency we choose to experience. Our minds create our perception, and our perception is our reality. What you focus on, you feel.

“You want to become aware of your thoughts and choose your thoughts carefully and you want to have fun with this, because you are the masterpiece of your own life. You are the Michelangelo of your own life. The David you are sculpting is you.” – Dr. Joe Vitale

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  1. Rileigh says:

    Your story was really ionrfmaitve, thanks!

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