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Carrie Flintom is an enthusiastic and experienced speaker who inspires participants to unleash and recognize the hero within us all. She enjoys speaking to organizations to help inspire, motivate, and awaken the spirit, while teaching women to embrace each of their unique and authentic life missions.

Carrie is passionate about bringing women together for connection and strength, while motivating them to appreciate and support one another in a significant and powerful way.

Sample speaking topics are described below. For information on Carrie’s speaking services, please email info@heroesinheels.com or call 858-997-6305.

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Awaken and transform your daily existence into a life filled with gratitude, purpose, and fulfillment

Do you feel like you’re running through life without a roadmap and no sense of direction? Tired of merely getting through your days? Should there be more to life than what you are experiencing on a daily basis? In this fun and inspiring presentation, Carrie guides you on a new journey with her proven "5 in 5" daily technique to living S.M.A.R.T. on the journey of life. Start living SMARTER, not HARDER.

Whose train are you on?

If you’re not on yours, you’re simply a passenger of someone else’s life. Time to step into your own greatness!

Are you living someone else’s life? Do you sometimes suspect you passed over your dreams for the dreams of your spouse, your children, or your parents? Is your life all about them and making sure THEY are happy? In this heartwarming presentation, Carrie shares her own personal journey of spending her life riding everyone’s train but her own, and how it eventually led her into a dark garage where she experienced a life changing moment. She’ll share with you what she learned in that experience, and the amazing expedition of finding and traveling on her own train for the first time in her life- and the magic that began to happen. Whose train are you on? It’s time! Come and experience this amazing journey, step into your own greatness, and start living the authentic life you are meant to live!

Reclaiming Your Life

Our responsibilities can consume our lives to the point that we forget why we’re doing it all in the first place

Have you ever thought to yourself in a quiet moment, “How on earth did I get here?” Many of us have spent so many years running through life on automatic pilot, only to wake up one day and find ourselves lost within our own lives. Marriage, children, careers, and responsibilities can consume our lives to the extent that we forget why we’re actually doing it and what makes us happy in the first place. In this moving presentation, Carrie explains why we are all exactly where we need to be on our journey, until we’re not. You will leave this empowering presentation with the tools and techniques to reclaim your life and start living the way you were always meant to live.

Awakening the Hero Within

Create the meaning of your own life

The answers to a fulfilling life are not found outside us, they are found within us. We can either spend our lives searching for the meaning of life or create it for ourselves. Carrie provides guiding principles that give each day new meaning and purpose, and produce a transformation in our hearts. Transform the ordinary moments of your life into extraordinary experiences as you awaken the hero within. In this fun and entertaining presentation, Carrie will show you how.

Mastering the Ultimate Relationship

Break destructive patterns and find the key to a passionate, fulfilling love

Relationships are complicated – that we know. So what are the keys to successfully navigate through all the challenges and difficulties that being in a relationship brings. How do we break the destructive patterns we have created through the years together? How do we find the love and passion that we once experienced with that person who frustrates the heck out of us now? Why does the passion and excitement diminish or even die when we once loved each other so much? In this candid and entertaining presentation, Carrie will share the 3 keys to mastering the ultimate relationship with your partner. Whether you are in a new relationship, a long term relationship, or on the verge of divorce, Carrie takes you through powerful exercises that will provide the keys to unlock the vault in creating a passionate, fulfilling, and everlasting love.

Past Company Events

  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • IBM
  • Qualcomm
  • California Women’s Conference
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • California Employees Association Women’s Committee
  • Orange County Administrators of Educational Office Professionals
  • Simi Valley Hospital Foundation
  • Women In Cable Technology
  • Bentwater Ladies Organization
  • Camp Seymour Women’s Wellness Conference
  • University of California Dominguez Hills
  • Wonderful Online Women
  • Lambda Kappa Mu